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Procrastinating a Monster Fight - Multiple Connected Dreams

Wednesday, February 15 2017 Views: 62

      The basis of these dreams is that I keep procrastinating to fight a monster that is terrorizing the world. I wake up multiple times during the night and each time I sleep I switch to a family vacation, always remembering the monster in the previous dream and going back to that.

      My first dream before I wake up felt the longest, despite only having slept somewhere between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. In that dream I am able to fly, following around this giant monster that is roaming my hometown, Palmer. I don't know what to do about it, so I go to the home I previously lived in and meet up with Sonic the Hedgehog and a few of his friends. I definitely remember Sonic, Silver, and Blaze the Cat being there, but there are 1-2 more characters not as prominent who are either Tails, Amy, or Knuckles. I forget what happens after we meet up, so I'll skip to where we are fighting the monster. We are all able to fly, and the monster has now traveled to my old daycare. At some point I wake up for the first time.

      When I'm asleep again, I am in a camper parking lot in an old truck camper my family used to own, but it is larger. I only remember my mom being there, possibly my dad. We are just hanging out in the camper when I remember the monster from the last dream. I teleport myself away, finding Sonic, Silver, Blaze, and the other character(s) attacking the now-gold-colored monster in a forest. Sonic is happy to see me, and he gestures to the monster, "Take it away, Wolfy!" I dive from the sky toward the monster's head/shoulder area, suddenly turning into a Sonic-Universe version of a brown wolf. Then I wake up again.

      The next dream I am hiking with my mom and her women's hiking group up the side of a mountain. I clearly remember an older member named Susan - and she looks like the real person. We hike along, chatting. For the most part, the mountains are fresh and green like we are in warm weather, but when we reach the top there is some snow, dirt, and rocks. I then remember about the monster. I don't know if I went back to fighting it or if I woke up at that moment, but I know I do wake again.

     Once I'm back in the dream I am biking with my mom on the coast-side trail of a mountain on a 2 person bike. Quite far into the ride, we see a grizzly bear about 40 feet high up on the mountain. Mom becomes worried when it spots us. It should be in hibernation because it's winter, but the weather has been too warm for that. It doesn't look skinny, yet it charges down the mountain after us. I manage to somehow make it trip, and it rolls down to the bike path, dead. Two rangers show up. One is a chubby man who looks slightly Hispanic. I tell them I am so sorry for killing the bear. They shrug and say it's fine because it was coming to kill me and Mom. The chubby man takes a bite of something - maybe a doughnut - and seems to be not at all worried about the situation. Mom and I then go further down the trail until the end. My friend's mom, Michelle, greets us at the water's edge. We talk a few moments before I remember the monster again. Somehow I know Sonic and the others are trying to find a way to teleport it away from society. I look at the mountain range across the water. It looks like the same mountains me, Mom, and the hiking group had gone up in the last dream. I get a vision of the monster being moved there. It looks ferocious, like a grey and brown rocky version of the newest Godzilla. It bashes the ground and the mountain;s rocks lift into the air from the force, falling back down again. I tell Michelle and Mom I have to go, and I prepare to fly across this lake/inlet to the mountains. I wake up again, but the next dream isn't related to the others at all.


Additional Comments:

I had an awful night. Many of them are this way, although I don't usually get dreams each time I fall asleep. Living in the dorms is messing with my sleep.

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