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The Path Below the Mountain

Saturday, March 4 2017 Views: 67

Myself and many other people (that I only know in the dream) are about to take a long journey, but the path is through a mountain. We are already in an enclosed area (not sure if it was in a cave or in a building immediately over the start of the path.

The people around here are looking up to me as a leader. I am not looking forward to the long hike below the moutain. I am aware of evil things lurking in the darkness within the twisting tunnels we must walk through. For their benefit I keep my fear to myself and talk calmly so they will feel calm and confident.

Before we go into the tunnel we must do somethign about our white skins that will show like a beacon to the nasty creatures that infest the tunnels. My solution is we each need to smear soot on every bit of exposed skin. I also do not want to do this, it's nasty, and I felt like I would rather take my chances with being discovered by the tiny monsters in the tunnel. Intellecturally I know better, and that covering ourselves with soot is our best chance of making it through without being attacked.

There is a large round hole in the ground here with a raised wall around it. Immagine a giant cauldron with no bottom and filled with weird vile creatures that sleep in a pile. They are thin grey and nightmarish. I approach it with confidence (again for the benefit of the others) and calmly explain as I walk that this is a perfect source for the soot. I was going to get a few bowl fulls.

The creatures withit stir when they see me approach. It takes everything to keep up the pretense that I am neither disgusted or afraid of them. I speak to them and calmly ask them if they will allow us to take some of the soot from their nest. The creatures swirl around to make room for me to dip my hands in to get the soot, but they do not talk.

As they skitter and writhe around to make room roaches and fleas gush out and breifly blanket the immediate area. 

I am about to reach into the space and just can't do it. It's too horrible.

There is some stuff here I don't remember anymore, before I remember a part where I demonstrate to the people following me how to become invisible, but it involves eatting a flea (one of those that poured out the nest of creatures) It was a flea, but it was a lot bigger than a regular flea, still pretty tiny, but big enough were you could taste it, and it tasted like what I imagine coal dust would taste like. Acrid, bitter, black and tarry. I think maybe to stay invsible for a long time you needed to eat a lot of them. I ate only one, and was only invsible for a few seconds. 

You'd have to chow down on a cereal bowl full of flea to stay invisible for any significant period of time, but it was so revolting it's likely no one would do it.

I remmeber the opening to the mountain path was on a slight incline, so it disappeared from view from the outside of it. The stone was mostly grey on the bottom, and black futher up. I knew it would be pitch black in the tunnel, and that's how we would get through the whole journey, but although I had never made the journey, I knew how to navigate it. It would be scary being in the dark for such a long way, but I knew I could do it. 

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