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Mirror Layers

Tuesday, January 31 2017 Views: 282

The last dream of the new month and it should go out with ponies.

The intro’s Worth It. Really.

It started in an office area in a building and the song “Worth It” is played in the background. During that time, I dance to the song as if there is no one in sight, which is funny as no one was in my sight.

Then the scene switches to a cutscene where it shows a staircase made of crystals in the void. On both ends of the staircase were the mirrors from The Equestria Girls movie that leads to the human world though this wouldn’t be the case. Twilight Sparkle is seen ascending the stairs while Rarity descends to the bottom. Twilight notices her but Rarity ignores Twilight. Subconsciousness could only assume that they switch place though what place is something Subconsciousness also didn’t know.

The following up next is Princess Cadance and Queen Chrysalis. Cadance glares at Chrysalis while the Changeling Queen only smirks in return. As the camera focuses more on Cadance, I can see Shining Armour but couldn’t see his “rival”.

Then it focuses on Twilight and it reveals a whole new dimension. It is more like the Crystal Empire but fewer buildings and more nature as well as natural “crystal springs”. It is like Twilight went in time when before King Sombra destroys the morality of the Crystal Ponies. The Pre-Sombra Crystal Empire is shielded by a mountain as the empire was placed on the center.

Then I woke up.

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