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Journey to the Mountain of Gold

Lucid Intent
Sunday, April 9 2017 Views: 112

I am in a blue-ish grey room with three walls and one opening.  Standing by that opening is a slightly cartoonish skeleton, its eye sockets big black circles and its grin warm and inviting rather than a forced bony leer.  The skeleton wielded a scythe in its right hand and wore a dull green patient's gown that ran to its ankles.  The skeleton asked me if I would help him in his quest to find the mountain of gold, to which I asked what use The Grim Reaper could have for a mountain of gold.  The Reaper told me not to ask so many questions, before asking me once more if I'd help him.  I agree, and before I know it we are on a pirate galleon fighting... well... pirates.  A motley of cutlass and flintlock old timey pirates and the AK-47 and machete wielding pirates of the modern era.  While the Grim Reaper is cutting the pirates down with his scythe I'm just running around the battlefield unarmed and trying my hardest not to get shot or stabbed.  Eventually the last pirate goes down and the reaper finds a map on the captain's corpse.  We appear inside some sort of prison complex, a long hall with rows of cells on either side.  The cells don't house typical prisoners however, and instead seem to be filled with monsters.  Shapeless creatures made of black substance with glowing red eyes.  I peer into one of the cells, trying to get a better look at one of the creatures, when the Grim Reaper takes a hold of my collar and pulls me along behind him for a few steps, saying that I couldn't dawdle around behind him.  I needed to watch The Grim Reaper as he wasn't allowed to be in here unsupervised (though what authority I had to watch such a creature and why I needed to he refused to answer).  We arrived at a large concrete cell, this one inhabited by a bearded human screaming to himself in the corner.  The Reaper spoke to him politely and calmly, the man continued to scream like a maniac, but judging by The Reaper's responses he could apparently interpret these screams as actual language.  Eventually The Reaper turns to me and says he got what he was looking for and we both leave the prison.  We arrive at a deep cave made of black stone and lined with sharp stalagmites, at the end of which lies a mountain of shimmering gold coins.  The Reaper runs off ahead of me, laughing to himself as I walk along behind him.  As he approaches the mountain of gold however a booby trap activates and the ground opens up under him, The Reaper screaming as he plunges down the gaping pit into a black void, his bones flying apart as he crashes into the sides of the pit on his way down.  I look down the bottomless pit then up at the mountain of gold.  I considered whether I could make the jump across it, whether I even needed a mountain of gold.  I woke up before I could make a decision.

Additional Comments:

While there was quite a lot of dark imagery and danger I never really felt worried or afraid, more so confused and exasperated with the vague non-answers the Grim Reaper kept giving me. Speaking of which I'm not actually sure that skeleton was The Grim Reaper even in the context of the dream. I mean he had the skull, the scythe, and he didn't correct him when I called him The Grim Reaper but he didn't really act like any reaper I've seen in culture and no reaper I know of wears a green patient's gown. Also as I wrote this down I realize that I didn't actually contribute anything. While The Reaper said he wanted my help he did all the work while I just watched, the closest I came to being of help to him was when I "supervised" him in the prison, which again I have no idea why he needed supervision or how I was qualified to provide that supervision.

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