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A Series of Connected Dreams

Saturday, April 8 2017 Views: 91


         It was afternoon, and I was standing on a paved walkway high above the clouds suspended along a mountain. I saw many people walking along this pathway. Most of them were wearing grey clothing.  The spectacular view of the clouds on one side, and the vegetated mountain on the other made me feel a sense of peacefulness. Beside me was a giant, cubed building completely made out of glass that seemed attached to the mountain. I was a part of a team searching for a boy who was very important to us for an unknown reason. I did not know what this boy looked like, but I was determined to find him. While inside, I noticed that the building was filled with glass staircases leading to glass rooms, and dead ends. I looked up towards a room occupied by many people who were surrounding a boy. I began climbing the maze of stairs that would lead me to that room, and then this dream began to fade away. 

          Suddenly (still afternoon), I am inside a mechanic's shop looking outward when I noticed a truck pull up into the driveway. At first I thought it was a family, but many kids began pouring out, they were all wearing white, blue, football jerseys. All the children were cheering around the man who drove them there. A moment passed and then I noticed a boy stepped out of the truck. He looked to be in his early teens wearing a black T-shirt, and black pants. He was approaching me, and I went inside the shop.  All of his features were black. Black eyes, black hair, black clothes... coincidence? I said hello, and he said he will soon disappear. I asked for an explanation, and he told me that he was going to another realm which its entrance point is inside an ocean. He shows me a drawing of where this entrance is located. Once again, the dream suddenly begins to fade away. 

          Finally (still afternoon), I am swiming in the middle of an ocean searching for the boy. Behind me is an odd-looking vessel submerging into the ocean. The vessel is characteristic of the imagine attached below except that it was made of a material that looks like wood. For an unknown reason, I knew that the vessel was taking the boy to the realm he said he was going to. So, I dive into the ocean to search for him. What I saw was depicted in the drawing he showed me in the shop. The vessel was approaching the wall of an ocean drop-off which essentially looked like a cliff. A white-yellow light engulfed my view, and I swam back to the surface. 


A transport terminus in New York, NY.

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