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Used In Space

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Tuesday, February 28 2017 Views: 83

Things can be sent to space, including plants.

I am flying above Earth, literally. Perhaps to solve the wonder how I can breathe in space, I saw millions of steel grated cages floating in space, nearly covered by vines completely. Despite that this is space where I started, they grow well. Unfortunately, they won’t be frozen like what most Sci-Fi movies show. It’s false and Star Trek shows it better.

After I float around them and look in amazement, I decided to descend back to Earth. I slowly float down and saw a floating mass of land with forest on mountain sides, a crystalline lake, and a resort. However, I have no interest on the island as my eyes were focused on something.

I softly landed to my own school. Apparently, there is a Brazilian-style festival going on around here and there were tons of treats and attractions as well as crowds of colourful performers.

Since this is a huge event, there is no class and I can go home. On the way, I decdied to get a free vanilla ice cream and went to the college gate, where tones of colourful floats and performers leave while music was blared out loud.

Then I woke up.

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