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Dying For An Adventure

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Saturday, April 22 2017 Views: 737

Typical trait that can define me: Adventurous.

The dream sets in a medieval castle gate that would lead to a courtyard. A zombie with kingly robes and a crown was killed at the gate and people rejoice. Then one of the servants let me in and I saw that it is full of tents in the courtyard. A High Elf woman, who has white hair and robes, told me that they are all refugees from a war. What war is something that I didn’t know.

Then the next scene has me decided to go off on an adventure by myself. I travel on a mountain where I stop by a ho9use. The house occupants don’t like me and tend to be very hostile. Then drama came when I struck down their 18 years old daughter by myself and they get even madder at me. Since I feel like I have no use here, I decided to leave the house.

When I did, the mountain quickly transform into a village with trees. Several kids are curious at me and some went to a road that would lead me back to proper civilization (e.g. town, city). Then a small tornado is about to form and I cut it to half with my hand before it forms and told the kids about tornado-related disasters.

Then I woke up.

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