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Sunday, May 21 2017 Views: 252

4. About a hundred people had been transferred to a new planet and accommodated in a small, well-stocked town. Nobody asked us, we just woke up there suddenly. The town didn’t seem like anything special at first, and we were exploring it and looking for a way out, but couldn’t find any as there was sea on one side and steep cliffside on the other. In the distance more steep mountains were visible. The whole landscape was light blue – the sky, the sea, the mountains, while the houses were mostly white.

Then we figured out that the town was actually a huge ship and succeeded in unmooring it. We sailed the sea and found other towns where the townspeople didn’t know they lived on a ship yet, but realised it as soon as they saw us.

Our mayor/captain had an obsession with exploring the distant mountains and gaining an advantage over the other towns/ships. We sailed over, but couldn’t climb those mountains as they seemed to be made of smooth blue-and-lilac glass rising out of the water. However, we discovered a source of a natural gaseous chemical, like helium, seeping out of a narrow crevice in the side of the mountain. We filled a lot of blue balloons with it, put them all in a huge net and this turned our ship into an airship.


Claire Beauchamp and Tess Holliday were on the ship as medical personnel and they weren’t happy about the captain’s reluctance to cooperate with other towns/ships. We met another airship and people from it wanted to trade some medicines for white alpacas. Claire really wanted this deal, but the captain wouldn’t let her and cut her food ration for talking back at him.

The drawing lots for food was peculiar – I climbed a ladder to the top deck, there was a table with glass jars of food and a big black plastic box under the table. Everyone had to reach into the box without looking and pick nine coloured pencils; if you had a purple pencil among the nine, you got fed. I was lucky and got a burger bun filled with sticky oily rice. It tasted better than it looked.

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