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Anthroposophical Community

Friday, June 9 2017 Views: 103

I am walking over rough terrain, and where it is difficult to continue, I separate from a lower body and continue with my consciousness in another body. I let the lower body go on by itself but am not aware of it. I am walking along a narrow path next to a mountain on my right. I think if danger comes, I can climb out of the way. A horse comes trotting along towards me, and I hug against the mountain with my back, and it harmlessly trots by. I watch the horse behind me and see that there are people sitting there where the path widens. I walk towards them. One person is talking about how to recruit more members. A woman is giving a talk inside a box-like stage, but it doesn't keep my interest. I am wondering if she is reading something and if they take turns.. I see a bookshelf to the right and see they have a couple of copies of Arensen's Leitfaden durch die Vortragszyklen Rudolf Steiners, so I think they may be an anthroposophical community. I don't see other Steiner books though, so I am wondering if they listen to his lectures and books that are online.





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