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Wanted: Ghosts & Werewolves

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Saturday, June 17 2017 Views: 379

Monsters were sighted in Dream World approximately in a mountainous region. Apparently, I could guess that the Nightmare Realms are starting to open up, causing it to possibly start an invasion.

The dream takes me in an abandoned and old cemetery that seems to be of Japanese origin. A few ghosts of Nightmare Realm origin, looking like white smoke in humanoid form, appear and I manage to slay them, which is odd as ghosts are spirits and souls of the deceased/whatever. Their “bodies” fall in the ground and began to form cracks that releases white light. After the ghosts, there is nothing left and I have to investigate the cemetery for clues.

Strangely, there is a strange structure that resembles a large stone cube and has a small hole that is enough for a person like me to fit in. Cue in going down like Alice in Wonderland and ended on an underground tunnel that leads to a room in Minecraftian design with two chests. I open one and it changed me on a naked monster with a giant gaping mouth full of sharp teeth. I became scared as everything started to turn red and I saw a Minecraftian man standing in the center while looking at me. An exit showed up to reveal an area of ancient Japanese shrine that were already light up while unfamiliar sounds were heard.

Most of the time I am lying on the ground while covering my ears in fear. After a few seconds, everything went back to normal or maybe it is a hallucination the whole time. The room that I am in has no chests and in reality is a tomb. I got out of the tomb by the exit in front of me that leads me back to the cemetery, where I found more ghosts, two werewolves that were recycled from a previous dream minus clothes, and a “Thunder Werewolf”, which is essentially an even bigger werewolf full of glowing yellow veins. Taking care of the ghosts is no problem as I have shifted one of my arms into a twin-sword and slice them clean. The werewolves are a bit harder but it is also zero effort as I mange to power up a slash that is strong enough to literally slice one of them diagonally.

The “Thunder Werewolf” is what I call it a “real challenge” as it is fast enough to dodge though having a speed almost like a thunder. Rather than fighting me, it prefers to retreat by jumping from mountain to anything that can aid its jump boost and will eliminate anything that stands in its path. I have to fly much closer to it in order for me to use a powered up dive slice. By the time I did it, the “Thunder Werewolf” dodges it and I am sent flying into a 30-something feet deep river. Rather than letting myself die, I switch place with Kratos (from God of War series), who will drown as I accidentally alter his abilities that removes Poseidon’s Trident.

Then I landed on an average yet slightly colourful highway gas station in a suburbia where many colourful people (including one that resembles the P2 Just Dance coach for Bubble Pop!) were enjoying life until “Thunder Werewolf” strikes. The fight causes some wide spread chaos that causes some vehicles to overturn and civilians and bystanders hurt/killed. After I manage to drive it off, I watch many people panic while others volunteered to help the injured before the ambulance arrived. Despite the carnage, not a single blood was spilt.

Then I woke up.

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