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Was I Murdered By "Freddy"?

Lucid Intent

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Sunday, October 1 2006 Views: 51

I was lying in bed asleep.  All of a sudden I feel and smell someone's really bad breath in my face; 

it smells like something dead.  I don't have to open my eyes to see who it is because I can see 

through closed eyelids, which is one of my lucid dream cues.


I look up and see a human male corpse with long, stringy, white hair, a black suit coat on with 

no shirt on underneath, and black pants.  The eyes look bulgy and theskin is green, yellow, and 

lumpy.  He is on top of me, trying to kiss me, but I don't want him to because of that breath and 

keep turning my face away.  I fight against him as he rolls around on top of me.  I almost throw 

up because of the smell and he was trying to have sex with me, too.


Suddenly, it's not the corpse anymore, but "Freddy".  He is straddling me, but I can't feel his 

weight. He is holding my hands down to my sides, but I don't feel the pressure of his hands.  He 

is not wearing the hat or glove.  He is not as badly burned as he appears in the movies and he 

can't talk.  


I look up and see that he is about to kiss me, but puckers up like a little kid would do, and I 

laugh.  He gets mad, starts kissing me really hard, and it hurts.  I get my hands free at this time 

and try to pry him off me by pushing on his chest, but he's too strong.  I can feel that he is 

really muscular underneath that ratty, but not smelly, sweater; Robert Englund is quite an 

athlete!  When I try to pry my lips away, it feels like they are getting ripped off, so I have to 

let him do it.


At this point, I am having an OBE.  I am standing by my sea-green dresser, watching from 

across the room.  I can see myself wearing my Mountain Dew t-shirt and underwear.  When I 

get back into my body, I get a strange build-up of pressure in the top of my head and behind my 

eyes.  I think my head is about to explode and my eyes are about to pop out.  


Freddy can now talk and I hear him say, "I didn't need a glove to kill your bitch of a mother, and 

I don't need one to kill *you*, either!"


Everything goes black and I hear people screaming and saying, "Oh, that poor girl!" and "What 

did he do to her?"  and "Just like poor little Sheila!"  But it wasn't like Sheila; my head probably 

exploded or my eyes popped out.


I am out-of-body again, but can't see myself.  I am standing in the open door of a classroom, 

looking in.  I can see the back of Freddy and he's blocking me from seeing myself; I  "know 

without knowing" that it is my dead body he is blocking.  I see kids standing against the wall 

screaming and crying.  I wake up.  

Additional Comments:

I must have been watching A Nightmare on Elm St. 4 and 6 that night, but I can't remember; sometimes I would have crazy dreams even if I hadn't watched anything. At the time of this dream, I thought it was my sinuses giving me trouble, because that's what happens after I come in from the extreme cold and into the heat or extreme heat and then into the air conditioning. Once, I nearly passed out at work when I did that and had to hang on to something. I don't have it at all now. Not long ago, I read that it was the 3rd eye and crown chakras being cleansed/opened/activated. I was using my Novadreamer then, and that's what was doing it, it gave me really crazy dreams and "visions". I had no idea that that was what it was doing, or I would have been careful. People now warn you that if you want to open any of the chakras, especially the 3rd eye, what to expect. I also had strange headaches, sort of eyestrain/dried-out sinuses around the 3rd eye, and pressure above my ears. I have read that if anyone had a Freddy dream, it was not about death, but sex. The fingers on the glove represent penises, the hat a condom, and Freddy himself is a giant penis. The film itself was about teen sex, and he was punishing them.

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