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My destination

Wednesday, August 16 2017 Views: 120

Me and my friend were driving up a mountain to an old cabin. When we arrived at a large party it was definitely a cool party, lots of people and drinks everywhere. Me Colton and Daiz try and find our room and find out that a few girls had already taken it. Then we see Russel an old officer teacher. He told me that this party had a lot of drugs in it and to be careful or something. The party raged on for awhile. Then these girls came over and started to flirt with us in they were basically asking us to come and kiss them. I jumped at the opportunity. The girl's name I can't recall but we kiss for awhile. Then she left because she had to use the bathroom. I wandered around for awhile and to my surprise I saw my mom, she had a drink in her hand. I don't know why I do this but I walk over next to her grab a new drink and chugged the whole thing. Then walked away. I then head to the bathroom where I find that girl I was kissing passed out. I wake her up and send her to her room which is in another building. I use the restroom and leave the party to check out the landscape. This next part I can't explain but I know it happens and I know I'm a wreck because of it. The party and the whole house somehow had a fire and something exploded and destroyed the whole building.

Next thing I know it has been some time not sure how long but I find myself kneeling In the ashes of the destroyed building. I know I was in pain. That girl from earlier comes up to me from behind and tells me that I shouldn't be here and pulls me to my feet, then hugs me and tells me to come to her home. When we get to her house I meet her mother and find out that they aren't the wealthiest people. But they said I was welcome there any time ever. I eventually leave and I find myself in the company of an older man. I can't recall how I meet him but he wanted me to watch a movie. So I went to the movies with him. I then watched a movie about myself from the future that has me doing something impossible like bending the very fabric of time or something else that is completely crazy and then putting everything back together. We leave the theater and I leave with a new understanding. The man I was with then asked me if I would join him and his family for dinner. When we get to his house. I realize that he is the father to that girl from earlier and I had no idea. When I see her, she embraces me and tells me welcome home.

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