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Remnants of people and my parents alcohol shelf

Thursday, September 14 2017 Views: 38

I know there was a lot more to my dream last night but I can't remember it all. Here is what I can remember:

- I was in a room with lots of young people, hanging out. I had never been in this room before I don't think. I remeber sitting near a young, dark skinned boy. I feel like I was drawing at one point.

- Walking into what was, in my dream, my own room that I was staying in for a while. It was dark and there were lots of things everywhere. There was a big mirror next to my bed. The place was kind of dingy. I remember there was a large wall covered in shelves like my parents alcohol cupboard and I remember thinking "fuck why did I bring that because now I have to pack it all up" and thinking I brought it with my to remind me of home or something like that.


Additional Comments:

I just realised that I have developed such a strong sense of self awareness that I can remember thoughts I have had throughout dreams.

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