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Time Travel through Other Worlds

Thursday, September 14 2017 Views: 92

        Morning of September 14, 2017. Thursday.

        I am not myself as in waking life, but I feel mostly like myself. I am traveling with an older unfamiliar male of about sixty, though I seem to only be about eighteen. An unfamiliar boy and girl of about twelve are with us. Curiously, I get the impression that I have more authority relating to the children than the older male. This seems to have something to do with how strangers perceive us (as I seem related to the kids while the older male may be unrelated). We are in a different time, and I also am aware of the concept of going into other worlds as a tourist of sorts.

        There is a scene where I look up at an unusual passenger train that is four levels high. I am intrigued by this. The train seems to slant a bit but I am not wary of it falling upon us. Even though it seems very futuristic, I believe that we are in the 1800s, at least at one point.

        Later, I am in some sort of bus station that seems more like a restaurant. Some of the unfamiliar people seem to think I am a Mexican, which makes me wary, because they seem a bit suspicious of me (though not aggressively so), though I remain cheerful. Apparently, people of Mexico do not usually travel as such. A man who resembles Danny Trejo approaches a table I am sitting at. (There is a very vague association with him having played the high school custodian on Ghostquake from 2012, though that memory is not clarified as such but more as a member of the public who actually worked as a custodian years ago.) He comes into the room from the left. We start talking and he seems interested in my travels. Something is said about the Shawnee. He claims to remember me, cheerfully saying "It is you!" (emphasis on "is"). He hugs me for a long time (still from my left). I do not really like being squeezed for so long, but I do not say anything. I am puzzled, as I do not think I am who he thinks I am, but I do not comment as such. I seem older at this point, perhaps about thirty.

        Later, it is night and I and the older male and two kids are going elsewhere. The older male decides to walk across a narrow wooden plank directly over a section of a river to get to the other side of an irregular weedy and rocky field, which seems the only way to leave the surrounding area of the building we had been in (yet we did not go in in this manner). The kids somehow end up on a sidewalk on the other side without having crossed the plank. I decide to just go through the field even though there may be larger holes or irregular ground. I successfully end up on the other side of the large field with little effort (which seemed more like floating over the area at times).

        There is a point at which a way to enter another world is through the door of what is apparently a warehouse (which illogically seems a part of another restaurant that seems to also be a bus station or train station). A number of workers are present who do not know about such methods of travel. The interior of the warehouse changes as I view it through the doorway and they seem very surprised and puzzled. We walk into the warehouse and exit into what is apparently a much earlier time period, apparently around 1750.

        As we walk along in an expansive field at night, I see an unusual large metal matte gray structure from a distance (on the right of our implied destination) that is the size of a two-storey house. It is a rectangular prism with some sort of opening in the top half that faces us. Smoke or steam billows out and it is somewhat noisy. I get the impression that it has something to do with the beginning of the Industrial Age. It may be some sort of heater to keep the area warmer, as there are a few houses here and there. It may be some sort of gigantic furnace. It reminds me of a gigantic charity donation bin, though I do not have this thought while in my dream.


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