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Note: I have no clue if these dreams were meant to be related--or were in fact multiples of dream or merely one dream-- or if my subconscious is terrible at transitioning, or I forgot the transitions, or I just happened to remember the information of a previous dream/scenery.

    TLDR VERSION: cool future train station, choose friend over crush, master control over weather

    The mysterious yet welcoming open air. The gigantic glass tubes coming in from the right with transportation devices within them, leading into two elevators. A robotic but hyper-modern voice spoke: "The next train arrives in...." as a pix-elated font showed green words: "THE NEXT TRAIN ARRIVES IN", trailing from right to left in a black monitor above the elevators. It seems that there are also escalators and stairs nearby.

           I take them downwards, finding my good friend Jamie Clark there, in her usual tomboy outfit with shorts, sneakers, and a short-sleeve t-shirt, but holding a skateboard upright in one of her hands. (I think it was her right hand). She greeted me and I was surprised to find her there. "Wow, what are you doing here?" I nicely asked. She explained that she was traveling/shopping or something of the sort. She then began to walk away, assuming that I was going to follow--when I saw Ellen (a crush of mine) also walking down another flight of stairs to my right. (It was clear that Ellen was going a different direction from Jamie) She seemed to be wearing something red as a top, although the bottom was ambiguous (it could have been a red dress). For an instant there was a problem, but I still decided to follow Jamie. I then decided to use a beckoning motion for Ellen to also come, so that both would come to a center-meeting place. Despite their being far away, whether by my telepathic communication, telepathic hypnotism or suggestion powers, they both made it. I then asked whether they knew each other or not, which they shook their heads while kind of awkwardly looking at each other. I then introduce them to each other.

          *This is the point where, I don't know if there was a transition or not, and if there was, I can't remember it, and if there wasn't, if this was another dream or simply the subconscious thinking the deal done....

           In a completely different setting, it is freezing cold. It seems to be a cave of some sort--at least the rocks look like it. My heat-containment powers keep me warm. I am informed that a penguin is too hot here, even with some ice on its back (how ironic). As I think of ways to solve the problem, I'm tempted to just "turn the tables" like I always do. However, I am reminded of my stop-time ability ["Freeze Time!"] so I merely shout "freeze!" and the penguin is glad to be covered in ice. I then attempt to fly away (possibly heroically so as to signature an end to the dream), but I'm stopped because of my limitations, and instead forced to do double and triple jump--but just then I remember a lucid dream flight method, so I merely extended my arms and flew up smoothly and steadily. I see the crescent moon above me in a dark sky, which I attempt to reach--and actually grasp--as I end up back standing on a marble floor (confusingly), with the half moon's reflection on the marble.

        I look up, seeing the paradoxical half moon along with the full moon. I see the blazing sun rise, a star made of bright orange-red flames, seemingly touching the moon, contrasting against the black sky.

This scene, pretty much, except across a vast landscape with darkness in the sky (and thunder not to mention), and with this sun:


[If you want to know the sun's exact look you will have to look in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where they display different ages of Japanese dressings and there is a sun above which I believe inspired this very sun. This sun just had a few more flares I think.] Black clouds roll in from the left and the right. A voice (sounding like my dream guide's voice) asks me which one I think is the best [moon or sun or clouds], which I respond merely by creating even more natural occurrences. I change the weather so that the clouds turn into very cool thunderstorms, booming and clashing with the light streaking across the sky. Below the sun I then create a small area of light, with yellow filling the small space, revealing a rainbow which I had created below. The dream threatens to fade away (When I wake up I had to go to the restroom really badly so that explains it). I wonder how to end the dream, quickly summoning the first thing I could think of--the amazing scenery with the blazing sun and the full moon-crescent moon accompaniment--  and the subconscious responds with an announcer voice: "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PRESENTING GOODWIN LU!!!!" A crowd cheers in the background, and I react by quickly summoning both Ellen and Jamie (still inferred to be with their outfits from the previous dream, although the skateboard is not seen), then kissing both of them briefly, but passionately. Dramatic music that sounds similar to the ending soundtrack of 2001: A Space Odyssey [But ending on a lower E-flat, for those musical people] is heard. I am surprised at how effective this ending was, and also a bit surprised at the fact that the subconscious did not interfere and try to create an unexpected ending. (Interestingly enough this ending was also unexpected).

Additional Comments:

What an amazing dream. I seriously had no idea how in the world it was managed: the hypermodern "Train station", the meeting and the power of beckoning, saving the penguin, seeing the sun and the moon at the same time, the dramatic music ending? Seriously the best dream ever. Also, "Penguin seen in dreams signifies that your problems in life are not as big as you have made them out to be." Website says. This makes sense due to the Ellen-Jamie problem presented here in this dream. :)

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