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Inside (and) Out

Lucid Intent
Monday, July 20 2015 Views: 380

Note: This dream felt ridiculously long, so somethings may be wrong.

         This first part is very vague.  I see an almond-haired girl supposedly chatting with her friend. The almond-girl has her back to me the entire time and I cannot see her face. It seems that the almond-girl is jealous of her friend for some reason, and they had a misunderstanding, so the friend just walked away, annoyed, while the almond-girl frowns. In third person view, I console the girl, but it doesn’t really seem to help, with her still turned away and an unseen face.

             I exit the room presumably (I did not see myself exit the room), and ask my "psychologist" (who doesn't exist in real life) what I should do. I cannot remember his exact words but he says something about finding the right emotions that work together and fixing up bad emotions. I then appear in this place that looks like my basement except without a workout bicycle or a TV. I enter this sort-of-dark room within the basement and see this machine that looks like a laundry washer. I sort out the clothing within, where, within the pockets, I see glowing orbs. One with the color of blue and pink has the image of the almond-girl’s argument with her friend. Another is yellow with vague and distorted images of almond-girl dancing with a boy. [If you’ve seen the movie inside-out you know that these orbs mean memories, and different colors mean different emotions.]

           I thus decide to perform to a crowd where the almond-girl is presumed to be there. I dance an american-style modern dance while singing english. A notable move is where my left arm is crossed over my chest and my right arm is pointing forward in the crowd. I then dance a slightly slower Chinese song while singing chinese. Finally, I dance a spanish song while singing gibberish wish slaps on the floor and wide-splayed legs, hoping that there were no actual spanish speakers in the crowd. [If there were, they didn’t seem to mind] A glowing girl steps up who looks like Riley’s Joy from Inside-out, but she’s blue. [So, yes, I do seem to be in Riley’s mind, and the almond-haired girl is Riley, and this emotion is actually sadness].



Just pretend that she's blue all over. And you know, not holding that memory ball.

She says she liked my dance moves and was impressed by my knowledge of languages, mournful about her own lack of knowledge that caused the sad memory. However, I reveal that I don’t know spanish either and that I basically swindled the entire crowd. She is surprised at what I did to make things right. I then state, “Jealousy and sadness don’t go together.” She seems to agree, smiling an awkward smile that revealed her teeth. I was incredibly touched by this, asking her to go on a date later if possible. This was so touching that I became slightly lucid.

         As everything fades away, I wonder if the dream’s going to end. It seems that I still have some time. I wonder what my subconscious is going to do. The almond haired girl, now with her face clearly revealed, and clearly Riley, wakes up, surprised. It seems like she is going to do something. She stretches her hand towards her clothing buttons with a pocket visible to my right. I recognize this as a sign of distraction and wonder if she's going to strip her outfit, revealing herself not to be Riley, but instead she takes out a pen,and writes her strange dream down in her dream journal. 


Her expression right after she wakes up, pretty much. Just pretend that she's in bed.

She consults the psychologist who talks to her and supposedly also talks about me. I think that she is planning to meet me some time. As a wrap up of the dream, i create a ten panel comic: first panel with the jealousy situation, second of my consolation, third of the psychologist, fourth with the washing machine, fifth to seventh of the three different dances, eighth of sadness touching smile, ninth of Riley waking up, and finally tenth of which Riley meets my psychologist. I note that the dream “is ridiculously long”--and then realize that I didn’t actually draw the comic, so I wake myself up.

Additional Comments:

FYI: Inside-out is my eighth most favorite film I've ever seen; and the only movie I've dreamed about so far. I did NOT see that unexpected ending coming! An actual logical explanation that still leaves many story lines continuing possible. Good job, subconscious. Also; this is my 8th favorite dream of all time.

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