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Lucid Intent

Technique: WILD
Thursday, November 5 2015 Views: 436

     TDLR version: I ask subconscious to show me something hilarious, inspire me, get me to ocean, 20,000 leagues, then explain why "mastermind" faked his death.

      Full Version: There is a vague dream about my alarm that transitions into a wooden log house in the Land of Oz (in modern day). My sister and I along with another resident in the area watch a show (on TV) before going outside. The roads are dangerous with the cars zooming by, ignoring the walkers. I am appalled by this, and the other resident is kind of scared too, although he seems to accept the situation. I explain that "in my world" people had the right of way, and demonstrate that the white lines which walkers pass by on are the safest way, while the resident is actually scared of the white stripes in his/her world so much because ironically they are the most dangerous place in this world (for passerby).

       After we part our ways, I realize it is a dream so I strive to complete my goals, which I wrote as OHM on my hand. I decided to do the "H" first. I shouted out, while flying upwards: "Show me... something HILARIOUS!" Instantly the skyscrapers in the metropolitan area transform into some black and yellow Lego figures in the air which beep around randomly while moving around (or attempting to robot dance), causing me to smile, greatly amused by this. [This mirrors the ending scene of The Lego Movie, which is one of my favorites] I thought some more and then shouted: "INSPIRE ME!!", causing the Lego figures to instantly transform into a giant block of mound, which then gradually transformed into a question mark. A light passed by, presumably from the sun, and I felt like I received an epiphany as warmth washed over me; like I had realized something great. [This is oddly similar to the experience when I almost flew in The Fish and The Superheroes, with also skyscrapers and the sun in the background and hint of wonderful feelings]

      I decided to move on to my next goal. [The "O"] I shouted out to the subconscious to bring me to an ocean, which has a tennis racket made of Lego displayed on the right side, along with a cool ball with spheres looking similar to Ubisoft's logo, in the left hand lower corner. I decide to go even deeper, shouting out with bubbles coming out of my mouth and a muffled sound: "Get me to 20,000 leagues under the sea!!" And then all was dark. (almost completely black but not quite) Swishy swish, the strange fish with their scales and fins went by, a deep sea angler shown its light, a jellyfish pushes itself by, creating bubbles, and it was all so darn cool.

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There was only one goal left. [The "M"]

      I asked the subconscious to meet Mastermind once more. I confronted him and asked him why he was being chased by the evil society. He explained that he had powers similar to mine, except he didn't know how to use them well. He misused them in baseball, and was noticed very obviously. As he spoke, I saw an article. Despite being very boring, it still inferred how cruel the society was, wanting to capture him for scientific experiments, forcing him to run and eventually fake his own death. [Kind of similar to the anime Charlotte's plot] I noted that the story was pretty logical, and that even after his veil of mystery was taken away, he had more depth added to his personality. I am greatly touched by this story.

The news article is blurred to simulate the dream, because you can't read in dreams. The first article is written by me but is completely irrelevant (link to article) and the second article is written by someone else about the UN council.

Additional Comments:

I don't believe it! I beat my favorite dream by pursuing my own dream goals and letting my subconscious handle the rest! (It is so good that my subconscious claimed it was impossible to beat!) Amazing!! For anyone that asks, all I had to do was to write "OHM" on my left hand and check it a few times throughout the day. The day was rather normal and nothing particularly note-worthy. I also suspect that "The Fish and The Superheroes" foreshadowed this dream and was precognitive (however, I don't add that because I'm uncertain if a common theme can be said to be precognitive)

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