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Lucid Intent
Wednesday, March 8 2017 Views: 170

         I am wandering around showing off my various powers, when suddenly I become lucid. I decide to test the limit of my strengths. I kill a lot of strong characters in one punch, notably enraged Hulk. I then see Saitama, one punch man, and then deliver two very strong punches, yet all that happens is his head bobs back and forth like a bobble doll while he looks bored. Suddenly, I rush off to the left and hit strongly across his face, bringing forth blood. He is surprised and then his face turns serious as he states in English: "Finally, a worthy opponent." I smirk as I said: "Heh, well, you can only be harmed in a dream..." and the dream fades away.

Additional Comments:

this infers being lucid provides a massive boost to my power. It would partially explain how my "true talent" is so high above my normal fighting ability. Also, 700th dream landmark!


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