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Sunday, March 12 2017 Views: 46

     I am walking around outside a school, and sit at a table. Suddenly an asian girl with black hair says hi to me. I reply back then suddenly realize I recognize her. "Oh hey Alice! I didn't recognize you at first." Gradually, people come sit nearby, including Joel, Jessica, and other Asains. Alice was not in our orchestra class IRL, but I recognize most of the people belonging to the group. It seems they are reviewing over the summer AP English homework. I worry I haven't done it, but I see that it is due "10 months after assignment" after peeking at someone's paper, and in addition, Alice's paper is only a draft, even though she is very studious. I breathe a sigh of relief since it seems that it won't be too much of a problem, especially since the teacher will go over the homework again.


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