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Monday, March 13 2017 Views: 56

     My sister and I along with a few other people are playing "guess the song" game. We hum or sing a certain part of a song without the lyrics and the other people try to guess it. I then sing out the tune of the pre-chorus of Hall of Fame where it goes "Dedicate yourself and you gon' find yourself

Standing in the --" and then my sister interrupts by singing "HALL OF FAME! The world's gonna know your name!" While the song plays in the background. (This is unrealistic since my sister can't guess this song merely from these hints) The rest of the people there begrudgingly look at her in jealousy since they had little to no chance of winning.
      The dream transitions to another game where the winner obtains this strange monster outfit that is green with wings and eyes and everything. I find it quite intriguing.


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