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Tuesday, March 14 2017 Views: 44

        I enter a competition where the winners will be able to earn a lot of money. The place is very futuristic and the paths to the competition are laid out with bright blue lights drawing lines across the place. The competition involves using intriguing skills in a CGI fashion, and these skills are very strange. It is uncertain whether I am participating the competition or if I only bought the tickets to look at the competition. The winner (if there was one) is made very ambiguous, and I have to leave. I see Jamie there and then after talking with her for a while I leave with my mom.

          In another scenery Jack Sparrow is talking to his crewmate while looking through a telescope. He asks how hard this competition is and his crewmate says that 100% of people who tried it have failed. Jack Sparrow then answers smugly: "Make that 99%..." as he puts the telescope and goes to try the competition...


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