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Crazy Skills

Saturday, March 18 2017 Views: 167

          I and some other people are playing some type of game. Using my skills, I manage to be very successful in working together with the people, however, it is quite difficult due to how unpredictable the game can be. I then change to my true talent, which offers a completely different feel of the game. I seem to throw around random things based on what is occuring and set up strange things that are usually not very useful. The opponent does not prevent it because it does not seem to be useful, but in the end a single knock-down causes a chain reaction that allows our team to score a point, which makes the opponent very impressed. They have the ball once again, but I do not directly confront them, rather, I dodge side to side while still planting these strange items around. I manage to get the ball but I do not intend to keep it for long: while the opponent does seem to steal it rather too quickly, I anticipate ahead of time and leave the ball undefended while I run in the opposite direction to attract my team mates' attention to my plan. After a while I throw a coin across the room and just when the opponents are about to score, my previously planted items allow the coin to bounce across and stop the ball's motion in midair, and the ball has been caught by a team mate again...


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