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Spontaneous Me

Monday, March 20 2017 Views: 194

       I am participating in a tournament of some kind where everyone must attempt to find a hidden object. Following my instincts, I watch as others compete and argue over some seemingly important equipment laid on the ground that is available for everyone. I on the other hand rest on a bench with my hands behind my head and then "Fall asleep" for four hours. (This coincidentally is the position I was in when I woke up in real life)

       After I wake up I yawn, feeling quite refreshed. I go forth (ignoring the equipment) and see some people still discussing in the main room, having made no progress, and then run down some stairs where nobody went. I do various chaotic and seemingly random activities such as putting small items on the ground and jumping from place to place even when there is no need to. Eventually, I somehow manage to easily find the item from what looked like planning hundreds of steps ahead with the items to boost my ability to find the item.

        The principal who hosted the event is very angry and she holds a trial for Jamie to lure me out (possibly thinking she was my accomplice). I then dance my way to her, however, she seems very serious, so I don't think my instinct might work. I then try reasoning my way out, but she won't listen. I then start dancing again and then move past her and phase her out (teleport maybe?). Afterwards I see this young toddler bouncing on some couch while his/her mother warns him/her not to do it. He/her is about to fall off but I manage to save him/her by bouncing on the couch and pushing the toddler into the mother's arms. I then walk forward with the remaining momentum and with a smirk look forward.


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