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The Longest Plan

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, April 25 2017 Views: 76

     I dream that I am sitting near three characters which the subconscious has "shipped" me with, two of which I have never seen before. One of them looks like the gender-bend of my alter-ego John Mcgonnell, the second one I cannot see clearly, and the third one is Thi. She is the one physically closest to me, and I feel a bit awkward sitting in girl-John's lap with the third gal seeming very close. After I stand up, more random girls come in and sit around, chatting about. In the mean time, I wander around, becoming slightly lucid. I plant my coins around as well as random objects, such as putting a peapod below a desk in a supermarker while grinning mysteriously. After a while, I am faced with an antagonist. With a plot twist, it is revealed that while every movement seemed spontaneous, they were all very carefully planned many steps ahead, for example, the peapod was a gadget provided by Mastermind to listen over. With the coins flipping in a very powerful pattern, the antagonist is defeated by the clashes and bounces all over. I get bored very soon after this, unable to recall any of my dream goals, so I challenge myself to get every girl to leave the place. I analyze each girl very carefully, using their backstory and motivation to trick them to move around and ultimately leave. 


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