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The Show and Movie Must Go On!

Saturday, May 13 2017 Views: 79

     I dream that I am watching Star Vs the Forces of Evil. Marco and Star are brushing their teeth while Marco is looking bored. He accesses his dimentional sisscors to open up a portal to get his contacts, which have fish in them, but he is not surprised. (In the show, he has no contacts). I do not remember this (as this is not a valid episode) and get excited, thinking that I will probably rewatch it to make sure of the context of the scene.

      The dream transitions to a mysterious place looking like one of the corridors of hogwarts, with fancy ivory carvings visible on the edges of the columns and the ceiling. I sense something strange going on and go off to investigate. Suddenly, I am in my lunch room. I see Jamie there but decide to get my lunch first before talking to her, but as soon as I walk through the threshold I become Harry Potter with my scar clearly visible on my face seen in third person. In the cafeteria room, still looking like my school's, I see Hermione and Ron sitting across each other, both looking like either 6th or 7th year selves. I transition back to the corridor as a different person and remember a strange ball that appeared in a stadium possibly thrown by the person originally here. I am tempted to throw it but decide not to. I stroke my chin as I ponder over these strange occurences of events.


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