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Monday, May 15 2017 Views: 107

        I am in this special class for rogues, wizards, and warriors in training. Everyone is wearing fancy fantasy gear even though we are all just teens. The main teacher is talking, but only one person is taking out his computer to take notes while everyone else sits and listens, with Jamie sitting across from me. The dream transitions to this strange commercial for a fantasy adventure with "loads of fun", and stressing this girl heroine with her girl friend and skipping across rocks, but soon it grows inappropriate as the main character can be seen doing illicit acts while still fully clothed, then gradually losing her top off, then bottom, etc. I can even feel all the acts myself as if she was doing them to me. The narrator stresses again "loads of fun" and "adventure of a lifetime", and I grow mildly annoyed as he continues in a passionate fashion even ironically against the inappropriate material. Finally, it ends and I am in the lunch room sitting directly across Jamie with my hands clasped together. "Hey Jamie, how's it goin'" I state, not doing my real-life high five I usually execute with her. She responds with "It's fine." I then ask: "What'd you do on Sunday?" She shrugs. "Not much." I then am about to ask: "What about sat-- (then remembering she had prom IRL without realizing it to be a dream)-- I mean ugh. How are things going with Rodney? Did you cuddle as I suggested? (this I did suggest IRL in an email since they are BF-GF relation) " "No..." she states, "why are you so interested in this?" I am silent for a while and then am tempted to state something like "why not help my best friend get closer to her best friend", but realize that sounds a bit awkward (why would I want to help someone who doesn't consider me her best friend?), so I then answer: "I want you to make the most of your relations with activities that no one else can do with you."


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