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Strange Developments

Lucid Intent

Technique: WILD
Friday, May 19 2017 Views: 128

     I instantly become lucid and ask the subconscious: "Show me the dream guide!" Seeing absolutely nothing, I sigh, but then hear some muttering in the back. Surprised, I turn to see a woman with blonde hair come by, and I ask: "Are you the dream guide?" She then responds in a tomboyish voice (possibly Jamie's): "Yeaaaaaaaaa! You're getting better, aren't you?" I nod and then with her, we solve some minor problems around the area. It is revealed that a group has taken over and is oppressing the locals there. We then see this cake that hasn't been baked fully yet (perhaps a reference to the last dream). I want to use 22 to quickly fully bake it, but DJ says it will make the cake explode. Instead, she waves her hand and tells us to wait for the cake to be fully baked. I want to ask her about the nature, purpose, and how 22 works, but I suspect I already know and that it merely assists the manifistation of my inherent power. She then tells me she must go and continue helping the people. Straining to maintain my lucidity, I state that it is alright. The scene then transitions to me helping my mom with my grandpa and grandma nearby. After a lot of hard work, my mother is still unsatisfied and even states I am too slow. Angry, I state that I could finish all the work in only 22 seconds anytime if I really wanted to. I worry about DJ's warning, but I use 22 anyways, and nothing occurs to the object I am using it on. I am then in the streets with the oppressed people again. The mood seems improved with DJ's help, although it is still a bit gloomy. I begin running forward with my backpack still on. With my legs feeling pressure but not tired, it is still obvious to me that it is a dream.

Additional Comments:

this is the first time DJ has addressed one of my abilities to possibly be harmful


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