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Sunday, June 25 2017 Views: 224

          I am working at a place but I am not doing well. The repetitive work is getting to me and it is very mundane. As I walk down a dusty path, suddenly I see Mairita with gold blonde hair down to her shoulders walking down, grabbing my attention, reminding me of the fact that she dreamt of me. "Hey you, yeah you!" I then rush after, thinking her appearance important, but she ignores me. "Intriguing..." I state, stroking my chin. There is then a montage of scenes where I am just receiving more and more customers and with my morale declining. Although they give a beach to me for free, it soons grow boring with the same swimming over and over again. With my eyes half open, I boredly look around the city scenery, even with the fancy lights it is not very exciting. I cannot handle the scenery any more and think of how lonely I am without Abby. Bitterly I spit out: "With such incredible power, why do I have to work there and always go here?" I then swirl around my right hand's index finger to cause a storm cloud over the beach, then I summon Abby and kiss her on the lips. As the point of view shifts to third person, it spins round and round as we seem to minimize in the dark. As I "wake up" in the dream in the "next day", I smile a wicked smile and decide not to go to work any more. I think of Bryce as well and how we might hang out in the future.

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this is probably the most bittersweet dream i've had yet.


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