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Taking Chances

Saturday, July 8 2017 Views: 110

        My mother and I are observing this incredibly huge game where there are "Bad tiles" on the bottom and there are two paths possible from the top. As we watch a coin fall, the game does not go well since it falls upon the bad tiles by accident and messes it up. I give up and have the coin fall all the way into the infinite abyss. A new game begins and this time I observe carefully as there is a subtle way the coin should fall, instead of straight down, the right way was to the left a little. Suddenly, every movement is perfect. It rolls exactly where it should go, and it smoothly executes it way across all the "good tiles" and manages to get out. I then go on a rollercoaster, which goes up, and excitingly goes across some areas. Although I am filled with nervousness, the falls are not nerve-wrecking at all, and I don't even scream, but I still enjoy the coaster greatly.


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