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Power of Music

Saturday, July 15 2017 Views: 46

       I discover that my music can heal people and can have physical effects such as erasing an etched symbol on top of a manhole. Later on, a girl must fight this crazy antagonist. She believes she is winning because she is able to time-travel, and her future selves come forth to help her, however, the antagonist reveals his future selves can arrive as well. Looking around, I wonder why my future self has not come to help. I then see this beautiful white piano and try playing The Suspense on it. I then try using 22 while playing it, but the music from the piano overpowers it. I then play another song which is very difficult but has no real melody or good harmony. Finally, I use the suspence while playing 22. It has almost no difference to the real playing because the song is too easy to play.


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