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Crazy Mix

Sunday, July 30 2017 Views: 98

    First I dream of "Rex" and Deb, misnaming the titular character but correctly naming his sister from Dexter. Next, I talk with Abby for a while. I then dream I am in college and make a new friend. We have some hangouts that are given in some flashes. I then see this area with a strange scene and many people are gathered there. There is glass above me, however, suddenly a flood arrives, breaking the glass. I cower in fear and surrender, but I realize the water is not as deep as expected. The scene then transitions to a high floor where people must race to the bottom, and every seven floors Mr. Mynes checks who is in the lead and lets them go free. Somehow, I am not as quick as others, and I also learn there are more than 100 floors in total. Not wanting to run all the way down, I jump through the gap (since it is a spiral staircase) and fall in free fall, although far slower than real life--though still faster than everyone else. Finally, I dream that Chess evolved online version 0.50 was finally released. Many units were updated and added, with Mercenary changed somehow. I go into the game shop and scroll all the way down the "common" units and see a new petrifying champ which has very interesting attacks and movements.


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