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Lucid Intent
Tuesday, August 1 2017 Views: 132

I am near a river and I am fighting a ninja, presented as blurs of black shadow. It is explained in scientific terms by a deep voice narrator with backing soundtrack that my power is sapped --"from here, the aura current flows from him into the water"-- as I fight him toe to toe. I comment on how it is cool that "something finally has a scientific explanation" instead of being gone unexplained. It is very hard for me to gain an advantage as we exchange blows and punches, uppercuts and dodges. My blood pumps through my veins as my heart beats faster. As we fight on, I barely bruise him, and he manages to slash through my right side with his right hand, bringing blood out, as I see his white outfit. I am greatly injured as I try to get to higher ground, constantly doing backflips to try to outmaneuver the ninja. Gritting my teeth, I pull out a dagger with my right hand and strike him hard. After many dodges, eventually I narrowly land the lethal kill as he almost cuts my neck. I breathe a sigh of relief from the tension.

     There is then a short scene of zumba (except I am doing step for some reason) with Despacito, but I make the instructor end it --"okay thats all for today class!"--due to lack of satisfaction. With a burning determination and passion in my heart, I then decide on my goal to marry Abby. I transition the scene to where rose petals are thrown on my left and "here comes the bride" is playing. I see Abby in a wedding dress with a white veil covering most of the back of her hair, and we walk up to the white-bearded priest.

      "Abigail, do you take him as your husband? " He kindly asks while glancing at her.

       "Yes." We look into each other's eyes as I note that Abby seems to resemble Jamie a bit.

        "And Goodwin, do you take her as your wife?"


         "You may kiss the bride." And as our lips touch, I feel a dizzying ecstacy as the music changes to calm, soothing piano fading away, beginning at center C and ending on an A.

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First five star dream in three months!

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