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Magic and Fighting

Sunday, August 6 2017 Views: 32

     I am talking to Mastermind again and he has some requests for me. I use my magic tricks or reality-warping ability (it is not made clear), snapping my fingers seemingly randomly at things, but in reality subtlely manipulating them. I draw the attention of two girls who squeal at my tricks and I am amused by this. Then I become lucid and state: "lucid dream goal..." while snapping my fingers on my right hand, "... aha! beat a powerful opponent without using any powers... hmm... was that magic a power? Better not use it just in case." Then I decide to fight Batman. We exchange blows and punches, and I allow him to use a sword against my two swords. Even though he gets the first slashes in, I eventually get some attacks in and damage him. As my adrenline sets in, I think, wow, this is the reverse order of Action! Romance! And this has social interaction first, then the fighting! I may be able to match it! However, I am revealed to be wrong as the dream begins to fade away. I quickly speed the fight, but find that I am unable to blitz the powerful Batman. Even so, we call it a draw and Batman admits I am better than him.


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