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Abby's Impact on the Past and the Future

Monday, August 7 2017 Views: 40

     I dream of the first girl I had met in the dream world (the heroine). She has this sexy look to her and she kisses me on the cheek as she plans to do inappropriate things to me. Indeed, she proceeds to take my pants off and suck my private parts, and then the scene transitions to when I first met Abby, who I refer to as my "first love", where we have a good talk with each other.

     After I wake up in real life, I fall back asleep and dream of college. The layout of campus is hard to get used to but the classes are interesting with some people in clubs wearing strange white outfits, although one in particular does not fit me since I do not know which holes go where. I see that I have a holographic layout where in white outline with (at least) eight smaller boxes it states who my contacts are. I have at least 8 regular contacts who keep in touch with me, with the first four being quite common and the other 4 being teachers who are more rare but also keep in touch quite often. Even so, my heart is wrenched, a bitter and burning feeling, because I don't get to talk to Abby.

Additional Comments:

I had binaural beats playing in the background all the while I was sleeping to see what dreams I would induce.


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