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Battle to the Top

Thursday, August 10 2017 Views: 37

      I dream that a lot of people are training on top of this moving rope that is very thin yet they are managing to balance themselves. If they fall off, they must restart. If the make it to the top, they must battle the "master". I struggle to balance on the rope using all four limbs while most others are able to balance on two feet well enough. I eventually make it all the way up, and I pretend to be weak and meek. I am defeated soundly and the master condescendingly looks down upon me, annoying me greatly. I snap and suddenly a feeling of cold rationality comes over, as if I am the subconscious. I use my true talent and both swords to surprise the master and deal quite some damage to him. Even so, this is not enough to impress him. Snapping my fingers, I hint at my abilities of reality warping. He is surprised and resumes a defensive stance instead, especially as I threaten to use the equalizer, or worse, "turn the tables" on him...


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