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Chaotic Ups and Downs

Sunday, August 13 2017 Views: 49

     I dream that I must improvise piano songs based upon given chords. I am given "2 6 5" and I play based on D-A-G, a lamenting song that is touching and sad. People are very impressed, and I note that this is even sadder than The Lamentation of Pi, a four-chord progression song I made with the melody of Pi on the right hand. They clap me around a bit and then the dream transitions. I meet this new girl and have fun with her in an entirely golden location, with a design resembling a golden palace, with columns and great structures. We laugh and chat, but my heart aches when I see Abby walking away from us, and am reminded that we are still married in dreams. After this, the scene transitions to a strange virtual reality game. It is raining and I am on the "opposite side", and must hide. It is very dark around and people are running around with a count down. I can't remember what happens, but it is eventually revealed the game is about Avatar: the Last Airbender, where you can have three endings, the good, neutral, and bad ending (except you win as the bad guy). In the neutral, for some reason you must suffer by pooping out a lot of stuff then drinking "your own vinegar", which tastes like the dulled version of real vinegar. I wonder which ending is best and comtemplate over each route's pros and cons as I see Jamie nearby.


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