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Eye laws dug aim

Tuesday, September 5 2017 Views: 41

       I am playing this strange game and it is the final round, where we can choose between three options. The game seems to be themed around predators and prey within the sea. I ask people for their opinion but I accidentally close my eyes as soon as I note down most people wanted the third option. I am worried about accidentally waking up so I ask the person beside me to choose the third for me. He agrees and delivers the remote, which I am able to see due to my ability to see through my eyelids. I enter the game and we decide on a realistic but far approach where the predators are located far from each other, able to begin eating smaller fish first. I swish around and begin eating, however, there is this water typhoon going into one place. I am confused at this and try to swim away, but am sucked in before I can.


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