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A New Dream Guide

Lucid Intent
Friday, September 8 2017 Views: 37

         I am being chased and pestered by an extremely annoying dream character who I believe is Unkillable. As I fight him with my best effort, he is able to block off and negate any attack I have. Even as I "turn the tables", nothing occurs. As I use 22 to throw him in 7 black holes within another, he instantly escapes by grasping onto me, and I wonder in shock--"wha--! how did you escape 7 black holes within one another!!" To which he merely shrugs in response. Finally, I use reverse psychology, "I cannot possibly beat you. See, I told ya!" Yet to my shock reverse psychology seems to have failed! As I stare at him, I retreat, fearing for my life, though he does seem to be about to state something. I run outside and shout out for the subconscious's help... but nothing happens. This man explains very calmly and kindly that I have been fighting my problems wrong, as demonstrated within the dream. With an epithany I realize this man is the subconscious! I am still shocked, as the subconscious explains that the dream guide is dead (inferred to be within A Shocking Development dream), with him at last seen harmed, bloody all over, his clothes stained, and he states "we need a new dream guide". I decide to do so. I resolve the issues shown within this dream. I decide to get Queen moon and her king [SVTFOE] together and they reconcile over their problems and differences, and the king explains he was controlled by a strange force-- "I don't know what happened!"-- and the queen understands. In a few very touching scenes, I manage to resolve problems by being very kind and understanding, my eyes sparkling as I note peoples' problems and then resolve them with no hate or animosity. Finally, I reach out towards Abby with my hand while seeing myself in third person on the right with Abby on the left-- who looks at me in some surprise and softens her expression, then kindly states: "I love you." I respond: "I love you too." I pull her in and hug her tightly while seeing myself with my eyes squeezed tightly shut. The dream ends with a swirl of the scenery growing more vague and foggy, as I think over the incredible risks the subconscious has taken in order to create this dream.

Additional Comments:

the main reason this is not rated 5 stars even though it is very touching is because it was too much information for me to handle: not only was Subconscious the annoying character, the dream guide had died, with responsibility transferred to me, and with me trying to get over Abby, our love confessions in this dream, while consistent with plot, only bring confusion over my true feelings for her. Overall, this is VERY good advancement if dreams were considered a separate storyline, but representative wise especially with Subconscious taking things literally the rest of the time, it is way too much for me to handle.


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