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Strange nightmarish dream from early teens

Tuesday, July 11 2000 Views: 1212

     I can't remember it very well, but I was in an old, farmhouse on the second floor.  It was kind of like the house I grew up in, but it looked very different being built of rough cuts of logs and appearing to be abandoned.  I went downsatirs and went into what would have been my parent's bedroom and my mom was sitting upright in bed with her back to the headboard and the entire wall behind her was engulfed in flames!  She spoke to me... I can't remember what she said, but we were arguing about something, and then she threw herself backwards into the flaming hole in the wall.  I ran outside, and found myself in a parking lot downtown somewhere, and it was getting dark out.  A car suddenly started nearby and began to accelerate towards me.  I evaded it at first, but it came back for me, struck me, and ran me over.  It was a strange sensation, but it wasn't painful, and when I got to my feet I was suddenly a vampire.  From being run over by a car, of course.  I don't remember much more, but there were some strangers that I met back in the house.  They were mostly ghosts, but there were some vampires too.

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