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Terrible dream- evil mirrors

Monday, September 8 2008 Views: 1302

Last night I dreamt that I was at work, but I wasn't feeling well, and left early without telling anyone. My boss was already mad at me, not really for anything I had done... She was just in a bad mood (as usual). Well, I went home to my apartment down the street, and after a little while I started trying to find someone to give me a ride back to work. This is a silly thing to do in real life as it takes me five to ten minutes to walk to work.

This went on for a while and then my dream skipped around a bit. I don't remember how, but I ended up at my dad's house.  My mom was there which was really strange because she never goes there except to take things to her house over an hour away.  There were actually a lot of people there; some people I didn't know, but mostly friends and neighbors, and my boyfriend, Jeremy, was there. I went inside, and went up to my old bedroom.  My dad's house is over 350 years old and many people have considered it haunted, as I did, but I never really felt threatened there.  It always just felt like home to me.  Anyway, I walked upstairs and went in my bedroom.  After glancing around a moment I looked into the mirror on this big metal cabinet/closet which not only has always been in that room, it was there when they got the place.  Upon seeing my reflection something seemed wrong.  Then it hit me.  I was still in my work uniform, yet in my reflection I was naked.

I continued to look at my reflection for a moment, and then tried jumping out of view and back in front of the mirror, but each time my reflection was still naked.  I suddenly felt fearful, and ran downstairs.  I ran to the kitchen where my naked reflection haunted me in the mirror through the open bathroom door, and I thought I could hear demonic laughter or talking.  I went outside to where my mom was sitting on the back porchstep and told her what I had seen.  She didn't seem alarmed, but slightly bothered, and she told me that it had happened two times before while we were living there.  I suddenly became filled with terror.  She walked with me down the sidewalk and out to the driveway, the whole time I was muttering frantically about the house and glancing back up at the windows.  "Yes," she said, "It's an evil house."

Still in total shock and horror, I found Jeremy.  I tried to tell him what had happened, but he tried to not make a big deal about it, and was busy getting ready for work.  He said he would give me a ride back to work if I wanted, and he gave me his cell phone so I could call work, and let them know I'd be back in.  For some reason I couldn't get ahold of them.  I gave Jeremy his phone back, but then he disappeared somewhere.  After looking for him for a short while, I headed down the street to go to work (which really doesn't make sense because I had about a three to four hour walk to work from there).  As I walked down the country road, I began to feel threatened by my surroundings as though the entire pasture was haunted.  After only walking a short while, I turned back and headed back to my dad's house.

One of my neighbors at my apartment complex who I don't talk to much was there for some reason, and she said she'd give me a ride to work.  I walked across the street to my old neighbor's house (where she apparently lived in my dream) and got in her car.  I tried to tell her about the mirrors, but I was so scared I couldn't hardly talk, so after driving a little ways down the road she turned around and took me back.  I then left with my mom who was going to explain to my boss that I was absolutely too petrified to work.  I was totally hysterical.

Additional Comments:

When I woke up this morning I did not feel right. I was even a little scared to look in the mirror.


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