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Ex-boyfriend, bicycle, breaking into a house

Monday, February 15 2010 Views: 455

I was riding around in a truck with my ex-boyfriend's mom who I used to work with cleaning houses.  We were driving through the woods on a gravel road on our way to a job.  When we got there we ended up just tending their house plants instead of cleaning anything.  After about ten minutes we left, and we were headed back to her house to eat dinner.  The road we were on was very twisty and turny, and we were on a steep hill.  At some point we fell off of the road.  The truck rolled once, but when it was on its tires again we had landed on the street a little further up.  When we got to her house it wasn't her house in real life.  It was this little farmhouse with a ton of land.  I sat down on the steps to the porch and waited for Joey (her son), as he was mowing the lawn.  When he got to the porch a couple of his friends were there, and we were all just sitting around talking.  After a little bit we went inside to eat dinner.  Everyone was dishing up, and I had to pee so I went to go to the bathroom.  I had to go really bad, and I was taking my pants off before I got the door shut.  I was standing there with my pants already half-down, and I was trying to shut the door, but it kept bouncing back open.  After a few tries I realized that there were a bunch of clothes hanging on clothes hangers that were hooked over the top of the door.  I pulled it shut as best as I could, and then I went ahead and peed.  When I came out of the bathroom everyone was sitting at the table with their heads bowed as if they were going to pray.  There was a pot of greenbeans boiling on the stove and some tiny little burgers.  Also an old man was standing in the kitchen.  He reached into the cupboard and pulled out an old tin can with dry baked beans crusted to it.  He told me it was his personal container.  I was really freaked out, and I excused myself telling everyone I had to get going.  Joey offered to drive me home, but I told him not to worry about it.  I went outside and got on a bicycle, although I was in Lawrenceburg (about a 20 minute drive to my dad's house).  I ended up riding down the highway on the bicycle which was going fine until I got into town.  Suddenly the bike shrank in size, and I found it very difficult to ride.  I ditched the bike and continued walking up the street.  I was walking up the sidewalk, and there were a bunch of houses all right next to eachother.  My roommate Keith came up to me and started walking with me.  We ended up turning up a driveway and climbing up a ladder to get on the roof.  This was supposed to be a shortcut to get to the next street over.  The roof was covered in a giant blue tarp, and it was very steep, but it came to at least three different points.  We would slide down the side of one and then try to climb up the next, but it was difficult because it was so steep.  At somepoint the tarp began sinking like there was nothing supporting it and we fell through it into the house.  I opened a door that I thought would take us outside to the front of the house, but it led into a sunroom instead, and someone was sleeping on the couch.  Keith and I quickly made our way out of the house.  We continued walking up the sidewalk. 

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