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Monstrously Enormous Haunted Mansion

Wednesday, May 14 2014 Views: 242

     Ooooh, I'm really having trouble remembering much more than flashes of images from last night's dream, but it was an unusual one for me!  It almost bordered on nightmarish; I woke up pretty frightened...  Almost too spooked to walk through my dark house to get a drink of water!  Anyway...  From what I DO recall, I was staying in an extremely large old mansion for a weekend.  It seemed to be one of those 'spend the night and win' types of deals, but I remember that I was planning to spend the entire weekend there.  There were others with me, friends of mine (I think), but the only person I really remember was a stranger to me (a girl around my age, I'll get into that later).  Well the house was very large...  I knew this from the get-go, but I didn't realize HOW large it really was until after some exploring.  Most of the rooms were empty, but a few of them appeared to have been decorated in the 1960's and 70's.  It was pretty neat.  For the most part, the rooms all extended from a single main hallway that went on and on, mostly straight ahead but with a few slight turns...  just enough of a corner to block the view from the first "sections" of hallway before continuing on forward again.  Anyway, I explored the rooms and hallway a few times...  I remember finding some large (around the size of a grape) gemstones.  Particularly etched in my mind is a single aquamarine stone (also, my birthstone).  I think these had something to do with a spirit in the house?  Perhaps they were connected to someone who had lived there?  I can't remember, but I feel like something frightening occurred, and I do remember determining that the building was indeed haunted...  I just don't remember what led me to determine this!  Anyway, I managed to find a floorplan for the layout of the house, and this is how I discovered how truly large it was.  It was about the size of a small town, at least.  While I had previously only been aware of a single floor of rooms and hallway, I came to realize that there were other floors and secret sections of house, almost to near to where I had been treading to go undicovered, and yet!  Anyway, I was following the same hallway when I found myself turning an unnoticed corner and winding up in another section of house.  It was a kitchen, I think and beyond it another hallway and more rooms.  

     One of the last things that I can remember is that I was in a room toward the front of the house with another girl.  She was pretty...  dark hair, nice body.  She ended up naked from the waist down, and invited me to come and fool around with her.  I was about to go down on her when I realized that she appeared to have a yeast infection (at the very least...  eww...), but I didn't feel like I could just leave her there (and I think I still didn't want to leave), so I licked my fingers and began massaging her clit.  Somehow while receiving no stimulation from her, I came to orgasm.  I told her this, but kept working towards hers.  That's pretty much all 


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