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Box Ride with Mandy, Kari, and Monsters-All a Feverish Dream

Friday, February 27 2015 Views: 113

     I started out with Mike and Mandy...  We were in some kind of truck, and I was being pulled along in some type of box (or maybe a shopping cart?).  We went into a fast food restaurant.  Mike disappeared and Mandy ordered some food, chicken fingers or something.  I was still crammed into this box somehow being dragged along into the restaurant.  The kid working at the restaurant charges Mandy a dollar for maybe a quarter ounce of honey in a portion cup.  She thinks this is ridiculous, but I think, 'I don't know, honey is pretty expensive.'  I realize at this point that I'm completely naked.  I'm pretty concerned about this, but figure I can do nothing but cover myself and wait it out.  I wrap my arms around my chest and check to make sure that my nipples aren't showing (the rest of my naughty bits are more or less concealed by the way I'm sitting in the box.  

     There is a group of teenagers sitting nearby.  They start snickering and looking at me.  I hear one of them say something about "look at her nasty butt!"  I realize the box I'm in is full of clothes, one of the articles being my favorite fleece pajama pants.  I wonder to myself when I took them off in the first place.  I manage to put them on without exposing myself too much.  With my arms still covering my chest I go and rub my butt from side to side all over their table, asking them how they like my butt now.  Then we leave the restaurant.

     I end up [fully clothed] walking around my friend Kari's neighborhood.  There are people walking dogs, and a fat little pony is wandering up the road alone.  I am worried something bad will happen to the pony, and I consider calling someone to report it, but I never do.  I finally make a trip around the block and find Kari.  She seems to be taking a break from having sex, and she keeps saying suggestive things to someone, but I can't quite remember who.  The things she was saying were kind of weird and not all that sexy (to me) like, "splooge on my slot!" and things like that.  

     Suddenly I find myself at my dad's old house.  I'm looking out the back door window where the summer kitchen would be, but instead I find a sort of subterranean (but open) living quarters.  There are earthy shelves and counters and a pretty long hallway that seems to go back to a few different rooms.  It occurs to me that I have never explored all of the rooms.  I feel very curious about the structure, but I also feel a bit anxious.  The lights go out for a second and when they do a pair of green eyes and a separate silhouetted figure appear in the window of the kitchen door.  Although there is no mouth they seem to be grinning at me maliciously.  The lights come back on immediately, but the eyes and the figure remain.  I crawl backwards into the living room, horrified but unable to look away.  Suddenly my dad puts his arms around me and is telling me that I have a fever, and that nothing is there, but I can still see the monsters peering in through the window.


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