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Fever dream 2014 - A Long Treasure Quest

Wednesday, February 26 2014 Views: 4097

        Morning of February 26, 2014.  Wednesday.

        Due to a bad cold (first one in years) I was “locked” into a tremendously long and epic dream that seemed to go on for hours.  It was too long to post every detail, but will summarize a few more interesting scenes.

         A treasure hunter and I go through several adventures in America, it seems, to get a map, a couple keys, and other devices that will supposedly allow access to treasures in at least two locations.  The map seems to suggest that one treasure is in a “lost graveyard” (apparently tribal and in an Africa-like location) but there is also an idea it could be in a cavern or deep forest or even in someone’s yard (or possibly in the middle of a public street or venue in an urban area - which would prove to be difficult to get access to).  We discuss the legends behind these lost treasures which are mostly old coins from another century.

         Because of tentativeness and delay on the part of the other treasure hunter/leader, I get very annoyed (after a long tirade of verbal abuse on my part) and decide to go off on the quest on my own.  The others give me all they have regarding a potentially successful outcome including an enhanced mapping of some areas.  However, two others decide to come with me (over time, though, they eventually become lost, as I end up on my own again).  The two others seem to be old male classmates, Roosevelt I and Ray G (whose birthday was just recently).  They seem to reflect a sort of 70s style in dress and hairstyle and one reminds me vaguely of Flip Wilson.  At this point, we seem to be going down the steps at the King Street boarding house.  My denunciation of the supposedly well-known treasure hunter and adventurer seems to create an atmosphere that he is little more than an average person with no real interest in new discoveries or with any inherent bravery towards the unknown.

         The areas I travel through seem to be very unusual in how they somehow connect as a whole and in other ways, are like several different countries (including Africa, Japan, Australia, and the USA), rather in intriguing incongruous clusters, reminding me a lot of Disney World in Florida or perhaps Busch Gardens (I have been to both places in real life) - or more like a combination of both.  The detail is remarkable.

         In a restaurant (at least one wall open to the outside), I notice a partial setup (not strong or large enough to walk or climb on - more like a staircase railing without the actual staircase) that leads out and up to a cave-like entrance near the ceiling.  I discuss features of the area with the female (unknown) owner.  Apparently, most parts of that area of the town (or large recreational area) is closed to the public for now.  Still, I will find a way to go wherever I want and announce this fact when necessary.

         There is a small building that represents a collection of shrunken heads and other objects.  The outside of the building is painted in mossy greens and browns and 1930s style circus art.  It may be a public bathroom in part.

         I am following one of the security guards (female, unknown) to see if she will unlock a door whereby I can get to the next area.  At this point, I am closer to the first treasure area.  I come out in a hall and notice she goes through a doorway.  I go through the doorway and notice a very fetid scent.  It is the dung of a large animal - several piles are about on the ground.  It turns out that I am in a mostly circular cage that arcs around much of the building section.  A large male rhinoceros approaches, charging me.  I punch it in the upper part of the face as it comes within reach, and knock it unconscious.  An animal-trainer yells at the security guard for going into the building.  I tear through the cage as if it was paper and am in a new area.

         A mime (in a black top hat and minimal makeup) doing some sort of combination of acted-out, pantomime “magic act” (with no props of any kind) and incidental dancing, I decide to lift into the air with some sort of power of levitation by waving my right hand.  He goes about twelve feet in the air, then I drop him.  However, he is not only not hurt, but seems to have enjoyed the act, as if he will then have a much larger audience.  (In fact, more people begin to watch him.)  “Did you see that?” he yells (speaking for the first time ever in any of his acts) as people gather around.

         There is a section that seems to be made of small concentration camps of about five different cultures, primarily African and Filipino, but also Brazilian, and in a seemingly ancient tribal state.  (In afterthought, I am wondering if these were real concentration camps or some sort of crowded living display of the past in the “park”).  I walk past the area and end up near the other end.  All of the people of all ages are extremely crowded in an obviously unhygienic way - so crowded, in fact, they cannot move from whatever area they are standing or seated.  An older man of about seventy in mostly only a loincloth (but with some arm-jewelry) is seated (in informal cross-legged meditative style) near the middle area of the end (and with mostly younger males, probably relatives) and I decide to offer my “magic” and help.  (I seem to have the ability to manifest food and other things, I think, and to transform some things.)

         “Magandang hapon po.  Kumusta?"  I go on to speak in some sort of mixed-up Tagalog and complex gibberish and he seems impressed in some ways that I know his language so well (recurring), but does not want any of my help or magic for the group of people he seems to represent.  I guess they "prefer” to live as they do - overcrowded, continuously hungry, and poor (or perhaps not, but just the decision of one man speaking for all - which is not a realistic or fair way to look at things, even though fairly common in movie scenes and in some real-life situations).  I walk on.

         There is a large hill upon which is a thick forest.  The place is “closed” to the public, though.  It is not the area where the treasure is at any rate, though I think it may have potential.  It is in the middle of more carnival-like areas and small restaurants, most closed for the season.  There are old graveyards which are also park-like (recurring) but I do not investigate.

         Finally, I come to the area where one treasure is supposed to be.  It is not a graveyard, cavern, or forest as originally envisioned.  It is an open area in town (a closed outside museum setup, I think, but a few security guards and maintenance workers are walking about) with a large old-fashioned 1930s commercial sewing machine on display.  Oddly, it is hanging down to about six feet from the ground on a platform from a setup of cables.  Using the map, I try to determine where the treasure itself is to be found.  However, the features do not match correctly.  The sewing machine has nine main features and the map outlines eight.  Also, one device or key I have does not interact with or fit into any feature of the antique sewing machine.  This means it is either the wrong location, or the map is fake.  I look through the machine after pulling it lower, taking apart some of it, but find no gold or silver coins.  A manager of the display seems very upset but I magically restore everything to perfection.  There is a loud humming sound and a feeling of achievement and completion and everyone is glad nothing was really damaged.

         Soon, either John Larroquette or Alec Baldwin (could never tell them apart) appears in black as a sarcastic villain/nemesis (or competing treasure seeker), almost reminiscent of Mandrake the Magician, showing two old and very valuable silver coins (from the nineteenth century, I think - not sure of the exact type) he had just found, speaking in a glib but somewhat childish and patronizing way - apparently worth the “ridiculous” amount of ten million dollars and apparently the target of one of the maps, though I thought I had the only one.  He rubs them between his fingers.  I believe one is (original value) a ten-cent coin and the other fifty cents.  I have other things to find, however.

          The main theme of this turned out to be precognitive (the usual, of course) or remote-viewed or “postcognitive” (or even related to group telepathy) or whatever you want to call it (“Universal Mind” is what I call the Source for the most part - always “playing” in my dreams since earliest memory, sometimes to the point of annoyance).  As I was finishing the last sentences here (in the last paragraph), my wife told me (without knowing my dream’s plot) that she just saw something on television where someone found an old tin of coins (in the USA) supposedly worth ten million dollars.

         In afterthought.  A couple more things I have contemplated.  It is likely that the location was mainly integrated with Disneyland in California, the state where the treasure was actually found.  My dream was quite specific in the “eight features” (shown as compartments on the map).  In reality, a news article says the coins were found in eight metal cans.

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