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To Win an Odd “Star Wars” Game Against Darth Funky

Sunday, February 12 2017 Views: 324

        Morning of February 12, 2017. Sunday.

        I am seemingly in a distorted version of Cubitis just east of the carport. There is a very tall feature that seems natural (and of rock and soil) but it is almost cylindrical. It is between the east end of the carport and the shed. There is some sort of "Star Wars" game I am apparently a part of but I am not sure what is going on.

        A miniature spaceship, about the size of a breadbox, is flying around. I am not even sure which side it represents or if it is a threat. It flies up to the top of the cylindrical feature. After a time, it falls upside-down near my head as I am lying on the grass.

        I "remember" that there are two levels to the game (though I am still not yet sure of the rules or what is going on). I start to think that I have probably won the first level (though that is not yet the case).

        Soon, a human-sized character appears as I am lying on my back and relaxing. He reaches down and grabs my forearms, completely surprising me. He is Darth Funky. He drags me backwards across the lawn. There is an extremely enhanced sense of touch and movement. (Although his name is Darth Funky, I somehow perceive him as the same character as Darth Vader, apparently from a different time period in his life.)

        Darth Funky looks mostly like a mummy. He wears an oversized black dust mask that is seemingly metallic. He has long stringy hair and some sort of overly long and loose sheikh headdress that hangs loosely.

        I do not know what is going to happen to me (though perceiving it as a game, I am not really fearful, just very irritated at someone suddenly and unexpectedly grabbing and dragging me like this). I cannot let Darth Funky do this. I take out a light saber and activate it. As I am still lying on my back and being dragged, I swing my arms back and decapitate him. There is no blood. I decide that this is not enough so I grab his arms and eventually crunch him into a small ball with virtually no effort.

        I am somewhat annoyed as there will likely be another Darth Funky in the second level. I did not expect so much of a challenge. I wake before anything else occurs.

        The sense of touch and movement is normally only augmented this much in dreams of higher lucidity. This one was atypical in its physical realism, especially as I had never experienced being dragged across the ground by my forearms at any point in my life in reality. Oddly, I did not at all become lucid at this point (as I usually do with this level of perceived movement).

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