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A New Baby and a Centaur Costume

Thursday, February 16 2017 Views: 213

        Morning of February 16, 2017. Thursday.

        My wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we appear now are living in an unfamiliar residence. She has had a baby. It turns out that she had named our new baby son John John. I ask about the third name (since all our children have two middle names) but apparently it is just John John. I suggest John Robert David, but she does not care for that name. I ask her where the baby is and she tells me that he is still at the hospital and in a large room by himself, though is supposedly fine.

        In another scene, she is back at the hospital. I go into an unfamiliar room in our house where there are two computer workstations set up on opposite sides of the room. Our oldest daughter is to my left. We are both looking at the Internet. There is a cover of a magazine that is similar to Heavy Metal, though not as adult-oriented in the art. Our daughter is looking at it as well. I tell her that I had an actual copy of the magazine but cannot remember when. She tells me that the date on the cover is 1972, though the date 2014 also appears as it is a reprint. There are a number of comic book spinner racks (filled with comic books) in the room, a couple of which are tipped over.

        I eventually hear a couple unusual vocal sounds that sound childlike. I soon realize that it is our youngest son and, through the closed door into the other room, I ask him if he is okay and he says "yes".

        Still, I open the door and go into the other room. I notice that our youngest son is watching television (though I do not see the television as it is behind me). He is wearing a very detailed centaur costume but with a mask that looks like a green troll, yet which somehow moves perfectly with his facial expressions as if it was not a mask but his real face. (I still consider that it is a mask.)

        I am somewhat puzzled by this scene but I do not become lucid. He is lying on his left side on the bed. He moves his four horse legs a bit as if he actually had four legs, which also puzzles me. (The hoofs are actually too small for his feet to really be inside them as a costume covering, though they still seem very realistic.)

        This is the third dream with a vivid and very odd childlike entity - and in this case, I only assumed him to be our youngest son (and because of the mask there is no way to know for sure, I suppose). Again, if any of these three dreams had been lucid, I probably would have been completely creeped out. I have had other dreams with a seeming external force or entity (for example, in one case it was a small dog with intense human eyes). I am beginning to think that it may be a form of the Source in this series, but I am not sure why I would be regarded now since the main prophetic nature of my life has been resolved. What could possibly occur that would be more miraculous or unexplainable than my life has already been to this point?

        Although I do not believe in astrology (or any occult system) in any way, I should consider that my sign, Sagittarius, is also a centaur. As such, there is an additional layer of meaning here, I suppose. So far, there is the living teddy bear (with gingerbread man dynamics), the "alien" (yet human) toddler, and now the "baby" Sagittarius (centaur). (Since he is on the bed, that could just be a dream sign waking precursor, but that does not explain what seems like some sort of powerful new force entering my dreams lately - and it does not at all have the same dynamics the preconscious usually does.)

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