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Science-Fiction Theme about an Ice World

Wednesday, March 15 2017 Views: 110

        Morning of March 15, 2017. Wednesday.

        I read an entire novel (though shorter) in an unknown residence. My family and I are mostly as we are now. I recall only some of the events but there is not much to it. I start to talk about how it was boring and mostly involved the characters just walking around. I even stand up and perform a few exaggerated walking styles to enhance what I am saying.

        Eventually, I am reading something else, but it transforms into a "real" scenario. I am not directly involved, though. It is a science-fiction story about a number of human beings living on an isolated planet of ice. They are trying to remain hidden on the planet and use a network of pipes, apparently from an extinct or now absent (from the planet) alien civilization, to keep warm.

        At one point, an unknown human girl, who is not part of the group in hiding, places a bomb on one of the pipes at about shoulder height. It almost looks like a cell phone or television remote. It soon causes a lot of devastation as shards of ice and metal are cast everywhere, but it seems the other people are not hurt in any way. Still, this means they may have to leave the planet or reveal themselves, as the heating system now no longer works and the planet is otherwise too cold to survive on.

        Over time, there seems to be some distortion in the story. I go back to a perspective of reading and start to have a false memory of the details of the story.

        I start complaining that the story is not science-fiction and that it was copied from "recent events in Bosnia". (This has no relevance to anything that I know of as I had not heard or seen anything about Bosnia for years.) I complain to Zsuzsanna about this and use "Bosnia" and "Bosnian" in a few different remarks. Looking at the book again, I see that it actually is some sort of story about Bosnia and not implied to be science-fiction in the first place. It even has a number of small passport-like photographs of Bosnians superimposed over a map (which includes Croatia and Serbia and the Adriatic Sea) over two pages.

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