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Toxic Fishing Trip

Thursday, March 16 2017 Views: 215

        Morning of March 16, 2017. Thursday.

        My family and I as we are now are going on a fishing trip to an unfamiliar lake. I have a boat and several fishing poles as well as tackle, though we use worms for bait. There is an unusual level of unexplainable distortion where I have to move the boat out over the water to an area perpendicular to where we arrive, on another part of the lakeside for some reason. Even though we have the boat, we do not use it at any time. I somehow push it to the other area while swimming. It seems we still somehow get to the other area without the boat. (I walk on water at one point, but I think nothing of it.)

        I watch our youngest son hook a fish and start to reel it in. It is not that big and also seems to have small "octopus tentacles" (though more worm-like, similar to the appearance of some species of catfish) around the circumference of its mouth. It manages to escape.

        I eventually feel a heavy weight on my line and start to reel it in. It turns out to be a semi-transparent plastic barrel full of green toxic waste. It has a warning label on the side. This surprises me. Within a short time, several other barrels of slightly different appearances, but all with green toxic waste leaking out, surface from the apparent disturbance of pulling up the first one, mostly to our left and closer to the corner of the lake. Zsuzsanna is surprised and annoyed and so am I. This entire corner of the lake is likely filled with toxic sludge and any fish caught would be inedible. I decide we should now leave.

        Somehow, there are now three (unfamiliar) park rangers or game wardens present, one female and two males. The two males sit at desks which are embedded on the lake's shore, close to the water. The female is standing and looking at an unlikely "corner of a room" (even though we are outside). It seems we have to walk over the desks to get back to our (fictional) station wagon.

        Walking past the female ranger or warden, she mentions something about "exploding rocks". I notice she is looking at a bulletin board on the outside wall. First, I think she is talking about an actual event nearby as something to avoid (and that she is warning us). However, I soon see that it is actually a tacked-up brochure about a nearby park called "Exploding Rocks" (which is apparently a popular tourist attraction).

        This is completely unlike my usual fishing dreams. The symbolism suggests total frustration with the ongoing sleep cycle. (Normally, since childhood, catching a large fish symbolizes bringing out my emergent consciousness in real time in the final stages of waking. This dream suggests displeasure with my sleep cycle - since water symbolizes the dynamics of sleep in real time, which makes sense, as I had to deal with the neighbor's dog barking as well as the temperature increasing again.) Still, on another level, because there is a chance it could represent a line of communication with someone else's preconscious, it may imply contact with "toxic people" or their "toxic minds".

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