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Burning Lamppost

Thursday, March 16 2017 Views: 192

        Morning of March 16, 2017. Thursday.

        I am in our present home and it seems to be late at night. However, when I look out our bedroom window, supposedly looking south, I see what appears to be the corner of King and Tenth as viewed to the north; as if I am looking from where the downstairs entrance on the east side of the King Street boarding house would be. As usual (in a non-lucid context), I do not notice the outstanding discrepancies of this erroneous setting, which, as is always the case, is a completely new composite (even after tens of thousands of unique previously erroneous layouts).

        I soon notice that the lamppost is on fire, though only horizontally from the arm to the shell.

        Eventually, the light starts to flicker a bit as the fire becomes a little larger (though remains on the arm and light fixture).

        As this happens, I see that all the lights in our house are going off so that there is now total darkness. Worried about spikes in the electricity caused by the lamppost fire (even though this is an illogical association), I tell Zsuzsanna to make sure the computers are unplugged (as she had been walking around near those areas).

        Fire is very common in my dreams (and always has been) and symbolizes the dynamics of emergent consciousness and increasing neuronal activity. As a result, the appearance of fire seems to automatically vivify a dream rather extensively.

        All my life, I have remained fascinated with how dreams fail to get even the most basic details of one’s home correct, but the fact that it is always a unique error also fascinates me.

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