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Peacock and Bell

Lucid Intent
Thursday, March 16 2017 Views: 102

        Early evening of March 16, 2017. Thursday.

        I am viewing a beautiful intricate scene that looks much like an animated embroidery scene in a light blue silvery monochrome. It mainly features a peacock, but there is also a large bell that hangs down from the center of a mirrored branch and vine pattern.

        The peacock climbs down, eventually becoming upside-down, and crawls into the bell.

        This is very straightforward. The embroidery is of the type I saw on pillowcases when young, so there is the dream sign, then the return flight metaphor activates with a bell as the waking prompt. Although it decodes into solely dreaming and waking transition metaphors, it is unique and new (as well as with beautiful imagery).

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